Referring Speed Creates Viral Momentum

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Viral network growth. That is the dream of every serious home business builder. Viral growth means that your team is growing by more new people than you can bring in on your own. This has happened for me in CTFO, so I know it can happen for you as well. My very first CTFO referral joined on November 1, 2015. As of this writing, April 12, 2016, I have personally referred 414 people. My network has grown to 2035 team members total. My referrals, and their referrals, etc., have brought in 1611 additional team members in that same time frame.

Here’s the deal…

Need a breakthrough in the growth of your customer network? Then refer people fast!

First, have you made the commitment to create this in your home business?

It is imperative that you commit to doing this, and that you are determined to stay on track referring people into your CTFO home business. You are the Team Leader. You set the pace of growth. Only you. No one else. You.

Somehow, by osmosis, your personal commitment, or lack thereof, will be reflected by your team. Don’t ask me how, why, or why some people join and do nothing, yet continue to be bitter about their circumstances. That is just human nature. If you refer a handful of people and quit, your referrals will quit too. Stay focused on referring, detached from judgement or any emotional expectation of what your referrals do. Refer, reach out and share your excitement, keep referring. By being an example of commitment and determination, you open a path for the leaders from your personal referrals, to rise up and follow suit.

Setting the Pace for Viral Growth Momentum

Visualize this… Put the front bumper of a car up against a brick wall, and accelerate it slowly. Eventually, because of the slow acceleration, the wheels will begin to spin in place and the wall won’t budge.

Take that same car and accelerating it to a mere 30 miles per hour, will break right through that wall because of the car’s momentum. Same car, same weight, different approach. A fast one!

It is the same with viral customer network growth in your CTFO CBD biz. Refer as fast as you can. Aim for at least one free member per day, everyday. I personally set a goal of five, and the actual average is three. My best day is 16 personal referrals!

Assess your skillset, then take action!

Analyze your strengths. Take a good look at what tools are available to you, and what you can work with. If you are good with computers and problem-solving, then Internet Marketing might be a good place to explore. If computers seem daunting to you, then look at the CTFO Online Visitors Program. If you can afford the printing and postage, look at putting the postcard program into play, or think of ways you can hand them out to people face to face. If you have weight to lose, and want to do it while building your biz, use CTFO weight loss products, and let people come to you and share the products you are using with them. Put several of these methods in action.

The key here is not to give up or come to the conclusion that you cannot do it. There is always a way to build your customer network.

Decide, commit, and get started today!