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 There is no time to waste…

You can do it. I know you can do it.

Bring out the best version of you, and live the best version of your life.

The time is now.

Big vision, do these two things…

1) Embark on a quest to improve your physical fitness, no matter what age you are. It inspires people around you tremendously. Inspiring people around you, and feeling your physical best will become an *instrumental* part of your overall success.

2) Be the source for highly-coveted Hemp CBD Oil to people around you. CTFO™ brand CBD is standardized, GMP-certified, drop ships directly to your referrals, and sends you a commission for every purchase they make forever.

As you can read, see, and hear all around you, CBD Oil’s use for its effect of wellness in the human body is being publicly accepted by government agencies, doctors, lawmakers, and by those who have largely misunderstood the many benefits of the hemp plant.

Thanks to modern-day network marketing and the internet, all you have to do is be a source of CBD Oil to people around you, and over time, because it is currently market driven, your customer network will expand into the tens of thousands in a rather short period of time.

For example, I made a long-term commitment to refer 1000 people to my personal CTFO CBD store link ( that I got for free. I have it linked up below on this website, and I send it out in emails, via text messaging, I Googled “how to promote online” and applied many things I learned, etc., to reach this goal. Took me 24 months and because CBD is *driving the market* my 30th month, this month July, my customer network crossed the 100,000 mark and stretches over five different countries. This is real and still in its infancy. CBD is just now being accepted, and CTFO is only three years old and has a rock solid track record for quality and compensating income builders. No experience necessary at all to grab a free link and begin referring.

Take advantage of this opportunity ASAP

Before you continue exploring below, grab your link to share and keep it in your back pocket as you go through life. Pay attention, and notice the conversations about CBD Oil. That’s when you let them know about a great brand they can get, that is legal in all 50 states, and text/email them your personal CTFO link. Or do what I did…

Refer 1000 people aggressively and reach financial freedom much faster!

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Drops, Isolate, Personal Care, Weight Loss, Sleep, Energy and Focus, and Pet Care!


I personally use two bottles of CTFO CBD 1500mg Drops per month, or more. The stuff is an important component of my wellness routine as I perform at high levels in the gym, as well as with my home business projects. I feel it keeps me cool as a cucumber under pressure!

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