How CTFO Works

Is CTFO too good to be true?

It’s not too good to be true… It is definitely too good to pass up!

Stuart Finger has created many millionaires in his home business career. In this latest venture, he takes the absolute best of his experience, and by emulating larger BILLION-dollar companies out there that are absolutely free for consumers to use, he came up with a similar no-cost approach that is perfectly compliant with Federal Trade Commission regulations of the MLM industry. Introducing…

A 100% FREE Home Business, with NO-COST Ever to Keep Open!

Think about this… Google and Facebook are the two most valuable BILLION-dollar websites, yet they do not create any content whatsoever, and people can use them for free. Amazon, is similar. A BILLION-dollar brand that doesn’t charge it’s 500,000+ affiliates to promote products and still pays them a commission on sales.

How Chew The Fat Off Works

It is very, very simple. In today’s economy, a 100% FREE opportunity to make money is not only an attractive option, it is absolutely vital! Chew The Fat Off allows us to expand a network of hundreds and thousands of people who are “plugged in” to the company, who are educated on the products via live weekly calls, and offered a 60-day money back guarantee on any purchases, in the nutrition and weight loss industry.

CTFO Pay Plan Intro

Pay Plan Profit (aka PPP) is the dollar amount that is distributed back to the team on sales. The first month, it is 50% of any order paid to the referrer, or 100% of the Pay Plan Profit. So refer someone and they make a $199 purchase, you get $100. If they buy Super7 for $49, you get paid $25!

On subsequent orders of individual products, you get 20% of the PPP from every direct referral as an ongoing, residual bonus, and there is no purchase obligation to earn this, nothing to buy ever on your part.

That is an affiliate’s dream!

On the residual multilevel end, according to FTC MLM law that makes a company legitimate, a product must be retailed through a business center in order to receive commissions on multiple levels of customers and distributors. So when you see second and repeat orders being placed (first order commissions are always paid to referrer only), or when you see orders made by your referrals referring others and you want to get paid, you simply purchase one product personally (I recommend the Super7 Chew) through your account and now you met the “retail” requirement of your business center and you can get paid on all orders within your huge 3X21 matrix network via the CTFO long-term pay plan. That is awesome!





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Jose Garriga Jr

Tel: 202-277-1299


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