Commitment Level Determines Success or Defeat


Creating viral growth in your home-based business is actually very simple, especially in the case of CTFO, since CTFO has absolutely no cost barrier for participation. It will never get too expensive to keep your business open, since it is completely free to build a customer base. What it will come down to is… How badly do you really want to succeed?

How deep is your resolve to make it finally happen?

Have you made the commitment to yourself, honestly, to see your goals through to their fruition? Can you visualize your team growing virally, and more importantly, as you visualize it, does it excite you, charge, you, and does it inspire you to take action most days of the week, toward your personal referring goals?

Your resolve affects the etheric universe.

Without getting too metaphysical, as that is a whole different topic, the intention you put forth by your thoughts reorganizes the universe and attracts that thought reality into your physical experience. In short, just look at your life today, and think of the most dominant thoughts you’ve had about who you are over the past five years. Really analyze them. Those thoughts seeped into your subconscious, your brain put it out there concluding that is who you are, and then it brought that into your current experience.

You are you, because of the way you’ve been thinking you are, and those thoughts have been the blueprint of your current experience.

Whether you like it or not, the good things in your life, as well as what you perceive as “bad” are a manifestation of your subconscious thoughts. It is time now, as pertaining to your home business, that you begin to consciously reorganize your thought pattern to bring forth the experience of viral growth in your network, and when your customer network grows, income will follow suit. I can hear you you telling yourself now… “but, I’ve tried” or “it hasn’t worked for me.” Those are your blocks. It is the current you fighting change because it doesn’t want to die.

The broke you is alive. It has a heartbeat. It feels. It will fight to keep you broke and filled with excuses.

The fat, unhealthy you, is alive. It has a heartbeat. It feels and will send you cravings and bad habits, to stay alive.

The only thing that can change these circumstances is your commitment level to becoming something different. The you that you want to be, healthy, financially free, strong, successful, etc., begins in your mind. See and visualize what you want. Ponder it at all times. The moment an excuse pops up, a negative thought, kill it with an affirmation of who you want to be. Interrupt it by telling yourself  “I am this…” the moment you think it.

Well before CTFO came along, I started doing this. I met several self-made network marketing millionaires, studied the work of many more, and found a common thread in all of them, and one day my brain clicked. I finally got that if they can do it, I can too. The most powerful sentence that resonated with my entire being, my brain and heart, came to me over two years ago, and then I knew nothing will stop me to achieve it. It was, “I am a millionaire networker.”

I am a millionaire networker.

This affected many things in my life once it was ingrained into my subconscious. I’d catch myself while driving, or working out, saying those words to myself effortlessly. During sleep, I’d hear and see those words. Dreaming of being on stage with hundreds of people present and a deep, gratifying feeling of gratitude, and graciousness for my success with tears running down my face, as applause from the audience filled my heart with joy. That is my customer network. I’ve had this dream many times.

It didn’t matter that the company I was promoting at the time went bust. It’s didn’t matter that the path to that vision was unclear for a while there. I knew it was coming. I knew the “how” will show up because in my mind, this is who I am. I am a millionaire networker. Circumstances started to shift and change to clear the path for the how, even in ways that others might judge as “bad,” I know in reality, it is what is necessary for me to become more, and thus be able to give more to others around me. When I become a millionaire networker, everyone within arms reach will prosper as well!

In comes the Chew The Fat Off Opportunity.

By holding the thought, ingraining the thought into my subconscious, “I am a millionaire networker” the universe brought CTFO into my life. 3Steppers didn’t exist as it is today. It was an undeveloped registered domain. The first step for me was to refer 100 people as fast as I can possibly do it, and teach others how to do the same. The industry average is 2.7 referrals into a paid opportunity, so I knew that not everyone can do much better than that, however, anyone can refer free members since there is no cost barrier. My numbers show that 100 free members, 8% will place an order voluntarily in time.

This is where commitment level gets skewed by excuses…

8% order rate dos not mean, refer 10 then quit because none ordered. Refer 20 then quit because not one ordered. The key is to commit to referring 100 people as fast as possible, connecting with them and sharing your intention, your excitement about the biz, and asking them to do what you are doing only. If you are referring 100 before placing an order, share with them that is what you are doing.

I referred 47 people before my first sale. Because this was done at an average of 20 per week, I was setting the pace for momentum to happen. The beauty of this is that it was not the 47th person that joined who made a purchase, it was the 16th person who joined two weeks prior. By my 3rd month, over 8% of the first 100 referrals placed an order. See why you can’t stop referring after a dozen or two, and give up???

Do you want your referrals to quit after referring a handful, or do you want them to persist and commit for the long run?

Make the commitment. Login to 3Steppers, watch the network marketing videos in the members area to fuel your brain with the new thinking, examples, and ideas that will allow you to commit at a deep subconscious level. Interrupt self-defeating negative thoughts. Bask in visualizing who you truly are, attach pleasant feelings of gratitude, and imagine how your days will be different once you are a millionaire networker!

YOU are the team leader, YOU set the pace!

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